FIBER-SEAL of southern nevada

Your #1 Source for Fabric Protection

We clean and protect furnishings to keep interiors looking beautiful.

Our customized services allow our residential and commercial clients to enjoy their fine furnishings and luxury soft surfaces without worrying about spots and spills. We do the work to eliminate the worry. The Fiber-Seal Fabric Care System helps make the pretty practical and the luxurious livable, all at a cost-effective price. Invest in fine furnishings with confidence; we have you covered!

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Fiber-Seal of Southern Nevada combines superior protection products with exceptional follow-up care. We are a one-stop resource for all your fabric care needs!

If you made an investment in fine fabrics and floor coverings, make Fiber-Seal of Southern Nevada your go-to resource for fabric protection, cleaning, and complimentary follow-up care. 

Why Fiber-Seal?

  • Savings on long-term maintenance costs
  • Making furnishings more sustainable by increasing their useful life
  • Improve everyday appearance of furnishings
  • Complimentary spot cleaning on protected furnishings
  • Exceptional follow-up care and help when you need it
  • Enjoy furnishings worry-free knowing they are protected                

We take care of the hassle that comes with fabric maintenance. 

If you made the investment in fine furnishings, want to keep them looking fresh, and want to spend less time worrying and more time enjoying them, contact us today!

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